To me, adventure has always been to me the connections and bounds you create with people when you’re there. And you can have that anywhere.” – Bear Grylls

In an era when the popularity of technology, gaming, and social media continues to rise, there has never been a greater need for people, especially young children, to explore the outdoors and embrace the prospect of camping in Ireland. At the same time, this is not to say that camping and technology cannot be enjoyed together. After all, the great outdoors is often the best location to capture the scenery and everything else that seems to attract likes, shares, and comments on popular platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Yes, recent changes to what was once a conventional lifestyle have done little to encourage young people to get outside and appreciate the opportunity to go hiking or camping in Ireland with children but as with any young mind, there is always time to influence and educate as for the reasons they should want to be more active and get outdoors.

Camping in Ireland with children is convenient and cost effective

The doorstep mile is a familiar theory which emphasizes the importance of starting. Simply put, it’s just too easy to find reasons or excuses for not taking an adventure and lack of time or money are often such reasons. In this sense, it is often best to approach a camping with children in Ireland by staying focused on making a start as opposed to complicating the opportunity with any additional thoughts.

Moral of the story: camping is not only fun, but also an affordable way to take a holiday close to home.

Children can learn from the great outdoors

We don’t need statistics to emphasize how children, and adults, yearn for an adventure of some kind. Whether they venture into the next neighborhood or build a makeshift tent using the dining room chairs, these new experiences are always exciting regardless of age. In this sense, camping in Ireland is the perfect way to introduce children top the rewards of spending more time outdoors and immersed in nature. From setting up the tent and starting the fire, to frying sausages and marshmallows before snuggling into the tent when it gets cold, camping in Ireland is a both a fun and interactive way to take kids out of the home and distract them from technology and social media.

You should also find this is a learning experience and as mentioned already, there is no harm if this involves technology, for taking photographs for Instagram or video for YouTube is just another way to encourage children to embrace and recognize their surroundings. In fact, social media, photography, and video are often a good way to inspire children and get them excited to go camping in Ireland.

Glamping Ireland: An easy introduction to camping

Equipped with many of the modern facilities you will find at home, “Glamping” is an incredibly comfortable option which allows the traveler easy access to the outdoors while still feeling at one with nature. Take for example the custom built units at Aran Islands Camping and Glamping. These comfortable beehive shaped units resemble the stone huts used by monks in ancient Ireland but they are also home to many modern appliances and facilities including a fridge, kettle, sofa, plates, cutlery and beds.

Blending seamlessly with the surrounding nature, the self-catering units at Aran Islands Glamping offer an easy option in which you can take the children camping in Ireland without having to worry about starting a fire, staying warm or putting up a tent. That being said, Glamping still offers many of the same benefits and advantages as camping itself, with immediate access to nature and the guarantee of a simplified lifestyle far from the busy city.

Affordable and comfortable, glamping is increasingly popular in the west of Ireland and an ideal way to introduce children to some of the reasons camping can be so important and fun.

Camping is a state of mind

As with any adventure, starting is usually the most difficult step, but when you consider how affordable and convenient it is to go camping in Ireland, there is no excuse to stay at home. Hiking in the hills and watching the Atlantic Ocean crashing against the shoreline, not only is camping in Ireland with children the perfect way to entice kids away from the distractions of the modern world but also to get them outdoors and inspire them to think about taking more adventures in future. After all, adventure is little more than a state of mind.



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