Most instagrammable photos on Inis Mór!

Most instagrammable photos on Inis Mór!

Did you really visit the Aran Islands if you didn’t get that Instagram worthy photo, not alone the memories that will make you wanting to come back year after year.

We have put together some of the best spots and things to photograph while visiting The Aran Islands. If you visit and take a photo tag us @aranglamping on instagram or use the hashtag #aranglam

1. Explore the Aran Islands on yer bike!


2. Dún Aonghusa- Top of the world at the Famous cliffs of Inis Mór

The most popular tourist attraction, breath-taking views over the Atlantic, with the wind crashing on your face…


3. Aran Camping and Glamping- Did you even visit Inis Mór if you didn’t go Glamping or Camping?

Chilling outside your glamping hut or tent livin’ your best life, soaking in the fresh Atlantic air!

4. Teampall Beannan- Smallest Church in Europe- So they say- See for yourself!

5. Ice-cream- Lickin a 99’ in the heart of kilronan- spar shop sells ice-cream

6. Horse- A selfie with a Friendly 4 legged friends on the island- who has the better smile?

7. Beach life!- There are so many to choose from!

8. The Wormhole- Where the Red Bull Cliff diving world championships was held! – Appreciate Mother Nature from a distance and please be aware of your surroundings.

9. Stone walls and the grass is green- Plenty of walls for everyone to get a nice pic!

10. The home of the Aran Sweater

If you visit and take a photo tag us @aranglamping on instagram or use the hashtag #aranglam

Stay with us on Inis Mór, go Glamping or Camping. This is the perfect base for holiday in Ireland. Check out our website:

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We can’t wait to welcome you to Inis Mór and for you to explore our beautiful island.


Getting to the Aran Islands.

Getting to the Aran Islands.

Getting to Inis Mór

Firstly, If visiting Inis Mór and The Aran Islands is not on your bucket list for 2021, it needs to be added. Getting to Inis Mór and The Aran Islands is made easy in this blog.

Beautiful Cliffs of Inis Mór

Located off the West coast of Ireland, along the Wild Atlantic Way are the Aran Islands. Surrounded by beautiful scenery, and a rugged coastline you are sure to unwind and switch off, while appreciating all that nature and Ireland has to offer.

Travel by Ferry

Visit us by boat from Rossaveal Co. Galway and Doolin, Co. Clare, both ports have car parking available, as these are passenger ferries only.


Aran Island Ferries:

Aran Island Ferries operates a ferry service from Rossaveal Co. Galway to Inis Mor, all year round. Rossaveal is located about a 1 hour drive west of Galway City, If you are not driving there is a shuttle bus from Galway city to Rossaveal port. With sailings twice a day year round and extra sailings in the Summer months.

Doolin Ferry Company and Doolin2Aran Ferries operate from Doolin pier in Co. Clare, both ferry companies operate seasonally.


Doolin Ferry Company:
Doolin2Aran Ferries:

Travel by plane


Aer Arann Islands:

Aer Arann operates the plane service from Inverin Co. Galway to Inis Mor all year round, weather dependent. The airport is located in Inverin, which is located about 40 mins west of Galway city.


Once you arrive on Inis Mór:

Ferries arrive and depart from Kilronan village, while the plane service arrives and departs from Killeany, located 1 mile from Kilronan village. Aran Camping and Glamping is about 8 minutes walk from the main ferry port on Inis Mor, where you can find shops, bars and restaurants. Grab a bike and explore Inis Mor at your own pace, take in the scenery, and enjoy all nature has to offer.

Top tip: Check in with your ferry or plane operator before your holiday. Ensure that the service is operating as normal, as it may be cancelled in adverse weather conditions.


Check out our blog for more information on The Aran Islands.

Things that cannot be missed on Inis Mór:

Is Glamping around Ireland on your to do list this year?

Are you looking for accommodation on The Aran Islands? While camping may not be for everyone, Glamping may be right up your street, With beds, showers, microwave and fridge. Frenchman’s Beach at your door step there is accommodation to suit the entire family. Check out for all your luxury Glamping and Traditional Camping needs.







Dog Friendly Island – Aran Islands Camping & Glamping

Dog Friendly Island – Aran Islands Camping & Glamping

Planning on taking your Irish staycation with your best friend? Inis Mór is the ideal location to head to. We know that your pet is an important member of the family and what’s a holiday without the whole family. It can be hard to find pet friendly accommodation or hotels but check out our guide below for the full low down on bringing your pet to Inis Mór. So how do you get to the island with your dog you say? Well, there are a few options…


Pet-Friendly Transport to Inis Mór

There are 3 ferry companies that operate to Inis Mór that are also pet-friendly.
Travelling from Rossaveal in Galway to Inis Mór and the other Aran Islands:

Aran Island Ferries
Phone: (091) 568 903
Aran Islands Ferries travel to Inis Mór all year around and set sail from beautiful Connemara.

Travelling from Doolin in Clare to Inis Mór and the other Aran Islands
Garrihy’s – Doolin2Aran:
O’Brien’s – Doolin Ferry Co

These ferries offer seasonal transport to the islands, get in touch with them directly to see their sailing schedule.


Where to stay:

Pet-Friendly Accommodation Inis Mór
Aran Islands Camping & Glamping have recently launched their pet friendly room options for October 2020 and it is the ideal location to bring your pooch on holidays. Offering unique and modern glamping accommodation, the site is located right beside the idyllic sandy Frenchman’s Beach which overlooks Kilronan Harbour, Galway Bay and the other Aran Islands (Inis Meain and Inis Oirr). The Clochán pet friendly rooms can accommodate up to 4 people and your dog guest. The rooms are en-suite, heated, powered, and come equipped with a kitchenette, towels & bedding.

Each pet guest will receive a pet pack to welcome them to their beachfront room which includes:
Dog water and food bowls, doggy bags, walking leash, and some yummy dog treats that certainly won’t be the ‘dog’s dinner’. Each room is an independent unit separate from other guests for the ultimate comfort to “let sleeping dog’s lie”. There is a limited number of pet-friendly rooms available so book early to avoid disappointment by visiting, or, if you would like further information please email


Where to eat with your pet:

All of the bars & restaurants on Inis Mór have outdoor seating options so you can bring your dog with you while dine out.

● Nan Phaidi’s at Dún Aonghusa – this adorable cottage offers eat in and take out options with outdoor seating for lunch. The perfect stop off on your trip to Dún Aonghusa.
● Joe Watty’s Bar & Restaurant – Offering traditional Irish meals and seafood, this restaurant offers a sheltered outdoor seating area, ideal for those oh so Irish rainy days.
● Madigan’s Bar & Restaurant – This hotel restaurant has an outdoor serviced seating area for meals & drinks.
● Spar Supermarket & Deli – There’s nothing like a packed lunch before you head off on your hiking adventure, you can get everything you need here. The Spar also has an outdoor seating area and has a range of pet food and treats for your dogs lunch too!


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Activities to do with your pet

14km in length, Inis Mór offers unrivaled walking and hiking trails taking in historical sites and amazing views. See stunning jaw-dropping cliffs and the wild Atlantic ocean on one side of the island and the beauty of Connemara and Galway Bay on the other. There are a few different walking and hiking routes on the island which are suitable for all ages and all pets. Each route takes in different sites of historical important such as:

Seven Churches
Temple Bennain (Europe’s Smallest Church)
Dún Aonghusa
The Black Fort
Megalithic Tombs

There are also many natural wonders to enjoy and take in on Inis Mór such as the seal colony, the wormhole, the rabbit colony and the puffin holes to name but a few. No matter what route you take on the island you will always have magnificent views in every direction, from different areas of the island you can see The Twelve Pins, Connemara, Galway Bay, Inis Meain, Inis Oirr, The Burren and The Cliffs of Moher!



There are some stunning beaches on Inis Mór all of which are dog friendly, the famous Kilmurvey Beach is a blue flag beach and perfect for swimming. If you’re looking for solitude to get away from it all Trá Mhór is a small and quiet beach at the end of the island overlooking the cliffs of Inis Meain and a perfect spot for a picnic with your pooch.


As with all destinations we recommend carrying dog bags to clean up after your pooch and always follow the leave no trace code when off on your adventures. If you would like assistance planning your holiday let your dog have its day and call us today on the dog and bone at (086)1895823 or email at



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10 Reasons to go Glamping in Galway

10 Reasons to go Glamping in Galway

Glamping Galway. Few experiences offer the same rewards as camping or glamping in Ireland. Far from bustling city and deep in the midst of the iconic Wild Atlantic Way, glamping in Galway is the perfect way to take time out of the busy world in which we live and embrace the natural surroundings in the West of Ireland. That said here are ten more reasons to go glamping in Galway:

10 Reasons to go Glamping in Galway

1.    Glamping is a relatively new experience
Are we stating the obvious when we say that glamping is different to staying at a hotel? Maybe, but at the same time the rewards of choosing to go glamping in Galway as opposed to staying in a hotel cannot be understated. You will find reasons on this list as for why glamping can be such an appealing option but simply put, glamping is a relatively new prospect for many people, and this should be one of the first reasons to go glamping in Galway. After all, travel is all about new experiences.

2.    Escape distractions and feel centred
It should go without saying that camping and outdoor adventures are easy ways to leave busy or city living behind and immerse yourself in nature. Staying in a hotel has advantages of course, mostly in terms of comfort, but glamping in Galway will leave you feeling centred and far from distractions.

3.    The perfect location for a break in the west of Ireland
Galway city is a very musical and cultural destination but in terms of location, Galway County is perfectly located to visit many nearby destinations. Take the Burren for example, the cliffs of moher or Connemara; these are some of Ireland’s most incredible places to visit and they are all within easy reach while glamping in Galway.

4.    Glamping in Galway is affordable
Not only is glamping a comfortable option, but affordable too. Forget the five star hotels in which you spend a minimal amount of time and feel confident in the value of a glamping trip. Prices are often a fraction of nearby hotels although that being said, price is just one of many reasons to go glamping in Galway.

5.    Galway is on the ocean
Let’s face it; the location of Galway next to the ocean is a certain reason it has become so popular. Take away the culture, arts, medieval streets or friendly locals, and you are still left with a wild coastline which is part of the longest and one of the most spectacular coastal drives in the world.

6.    Ease of access
Galway’s is easy to reach from all corners of the emerald isle. Just a two hour drive from Dublin and almost every other part of the country, Galway is blessed with an excellent road infrastructure and transport system which ensures a short travel time and straight forward navigation.

7.    Glamping is surprisingly comfortable
We mentioned how hotels are sometimes chosen for the sake of comfort but if the truth be told, glamping can be just as comfortable. Yes, not everyone wants to sleep in a tent or live without showers; glamping facilities can provide luxurious beds, appliances and modern facilities which would not look out of place in a quality hotel in Galway.

8. Recharge and refresh
We don’t need statistics to support the benefits of getting outside as much as possible. Exercise and the great outdoors is only a good thing concerning health. In this sense, glamping is a great opportunity to refresh, recharge, and regenerate amidst natural surroundings before returning to the busy and modern life we live in.

9.    Experience the minimalist lifestyle
Statistics and studies show that reduced possessions and materials can drastically reduce stress and increase happiness. Leave the electronic gadgets and luxury items at home, as you experience a minimalist lifestyle with few distractions and an entirely stress free environment.

10. It’s the same as camping, but different
Many people love the idea of getting outdoors more often and explore the surrounding nature trails, but it is often the prospect of putting up a tent or sleeping without basic facilities that put them off. If you go glamping in Galway, you can have the best of both worlds, including a shower and cup of tea in the morning, before getting outside for a few hours trekking in the afternoon.

9 Reasons to Tour the Aran Islands in 2020

9 Reasons to Tour the Aran Islands in 2020

Considered one of the most instagrammable places in Galway (if not Ireland), The Aran Islands offer a special magic and treasured memories to all who visit them. With incredible views from the islands in all directions of the wild Atlantic ocean, Connemara, the Cliffs of Moher and Galway Bay, for a location that is so small there is so much to discover. The islands are steeped in cultural, religious and maritime history offering an overwhelming amount to be explored by visitors.

Located in the heart of the gaeltacht region, the Aran Islands consist of three islands, together spanning over 25km; Inis Oirr (Inisheer), Inis Meáin (Inishmaan) and the largest, most well known island, Inis Mór (Inishmore). When coming to the west coast of Ireland to visit the Aran Islands it can be hard to know where to start on your journey. To get the most out of your visit the best recommendation would be that you get a tour of your visiting island.

There are several tours you can join while visiting the Aran Islands. For example, when visiting Inis Mór, depending on your interests, you have the following available:





When coming to the west coast of Ireland to visit the Aran Islands it can be hard to know where to start on your journey. To get the most out of your visit the best recommendation would be that you get a tour of your visiting island.


Types of Tours on the Aran Islands

– Walking & Hiking Tours
– Self-guided Cycling / Biking Tours
– Tour Guide led Cycling / Biking Tours
– Horse Riding Tours
– Pony & Trap Tours
– Guided Bus Tours
– Underwater – Snorkeling & Diving Tours
– Boat & Fishing Tours
– Goat’s Cheese Factory Tours
– Seaweed Production & Environmental Tours


Walking & Hiking Tours:

If you need to shake off the cobwebs, taking a tour on foot of the Aran Islands is sure to invigorate and refresh you. The best thing about these kind of tours is that you can move independently through the roads less travelled on the Aran Islands, which is especially good if your looking for solitude and tranquility surrounded by amazing natural features in all directions. These types of tours can also be taken all year round and there are many routes to take, especially on Inis Mór where they are currently developing a camino style walking map. 


Cycling Tours

Whether taking a tour guided or self guided cycling tour of the islands, this is the most popular tourist activity on the Aran Islands. Inis Mór for example has a world renowned cycle route which runs the length of the island and takes in all sites of importance along its track (Not to mention the beautiful scenery). No need to worry about how to lug your bike to the island, Aran Bike Hire is located right on the ferry pier and have multiple options of all ages and sizes, including electric bikes for those who want to cruise across the island in style.


Pony & Trap Tours

This is an amazing option for those who want to step back in time and get a really authentic Irish experience. With local Irish speaking tour guides, pony & trap excursions will have you feeling like Maureen O’Hara from the Quiet Man as you jaunt across the island with a blanket on your lap and a smile on your face. 


Bus Tours

Travelling as a group? The bus tours on Inis Mór are a really fun and convenient way to tour the island. You will get an in depth history of the island as well as having mighty craic with your friends. Suitable for all ages and abilities, this less strenuous tour option is a great option for those who need a rainy day activity or want to pack in as many sites as possible in one day. 


Snorkelling & Diving Tours

Visiting Inis Mór and need to plan an activity for your friends or even something to entertain the kids? Inis Mór’s newest Dive Academy will be opening in March 2020 and is offering snorkelling and diving tours, training and excursions! With options suitable for all ages, this a truly unique and special opportunity to try something new in some of the most unspoiled and crystal clear waters along the Wild Atlantic Way.


Boat & Fishing Tours

Love fishing or want to try it for the first time? Set sail for adventure with guided sea angling with Calypso Sea Angling tours. Get a real feel for the wild Atlantic ocean and learn about the west coast waters and underwater life with an experienced crew.


Goats Cheese Factory & Seaweed Production for Food & Beauty

Want to learn about how unique industries operate on our tiny island? Are you a dedicated foodie searching out authentically local and fresh produce? Then visiting Inis Mór’s micro factories is a must! 



9 Reasons to take a Tour on the Aran Islands:

● Time saving – less planning so you can maximize your experience on the islands if
you’re on a deadline
● You don’t miss any important points of interest
● You are offered local and knowledgeable guidance of the history and culture of the
● You can discover hidden gems that you can revisit independently
● Your guides are very experienced and can help you with any issues or queries
● You get the best tips on how to enjoy your time on the island and the best places to eat
● Home to some of the friendliest people in Galway, you are bound to make new pals along
the way
● Convenience! There are plenty of options that are easily accessible, touring takes the
stress out of your trip
● Inis Mór offers tours for both solo travellers and groups and those of all ages


Most importantly you get to have a unique experience as there is no where in the world quite like The Aran Islands. So whether you are seeking out ancient forts, a cycling trip, Irish folklore, christian history or simply looking to have an interesting and adventurous day out, touring on the Aran Islands is a must.




If you would like more information about staying on the Aran Islands and booking a tour for you or your group, get in touch with us at If you’d like to see what accommodation options are available you can visit for further information.

10 Reasons To Take A Staycation on The Aran Islands

10 Reasons To Take A Staycation on The Aran Islands

Want to go on a holiday but don’t feel like you have enough time? Why not make the most of the free time you have and take a staycation! A staycation is a vacation spent staying in your own country and we’ve got some great reasons why you should consider the Aran Islands as your staycation destination: 


Less Planning & More Quality Time

You will have more time to spend relaxing and hanging out with friends when you don’t have to jump from airport to airport catching connecting flights, trains and buses. A staycation is also perfect for a weekend getaway.


No Traffic

No sitting in traffic for hours wasting time and losing the will to live, on Inis Mór you can move freely while taking in the fresh sea air of the Wild Atlantic Way.




Support Local

By taking a staycation, you are supporting the economy of the local community.




No need to lug around big suitcases, a backpack is pretty much all you need! Inis Mór has a selection of stores including clothing, craft and grocery all within a few minutes walk from the ferry terminal.




Inis Mór is just a short ferry ride away from the mainland but you can still have the experience of leaving it all behind as you set sail to the islands.





Always wanted to visit Dún Aonghasa or The Wormhole?
Now’s your chance, get yourself a tour guide and explore the history and beauty of your own country.




Peace of Mind

You speak the language, you know the rules and you’re not too far from home so you can truly relax and enjoy your staycation.


Reconnect with Nature

Whether that means heading off for a hike with friends to the scenic Teampall Bheanáin or finding some blissful solitude reading a book at Tra Mhór, there is an abundance of mother nature all around.





There is great fun to be had on the island with pubs offering live music nightly, Inis Mór is a great place for socialising and meeting the locals (whom you can get tips from for the best things to see and do).





You can save those pennies by choosing to take a staycation and not blowing all your money on flights and expensive hotels. At Aran Islands Camping & Glamping we have accommodation options for every budget. Check out our October special offer as inspiration for your next staycation.