Events on Inis Mór Island

Events on Inis Mór Island

The island of Inis Mor is developing a reputation as a festival destination, with a number of interesting events held throughout the year. Whilst there have been local festivities and special occasions held on the island for centuries, it is fair to say that it is the Father Ted festival which has put Inis Mor on the festival map! There are many other events to choose from though, and here are just some of the festivals you might consider when visiting the Aran Islands.

Ted Fest 2024. March 7-10th 2024

Held in February each year, the 2024 Ted Fest dates are March 7-10th 2024. This fun festival has as much of a cult following as the TV show Father Ted itself, with numerous crazy and off-the-wall events held throughout its duration. Some of the highlights include a Nuns vs Priests Beach Volleyball competition and a Virtual Confession Box. Book your tickets and accommodation at Aran Camping and Glamping early for Ted Fest, as it grows in popularity each year!


Summer Solstice 2024

Each year, there is a bonfire night held on St. John’s Eve for the Summer Solstice. Visitors to the Aran Islands during this time are in for a treat with this local event!

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St Patricks Day Parade. March 17 2024.

If you are interested in a taste of the ‘real’ Ireland, then the St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Inis Mor is not to be missed. Sometimes described as “one of the most Irish things you will ever see”, there’s no better place than Inis Mor to celebrate the patron Saint of Ireland.


Red Bull Cliff Diving

One of Inis Mor’s natural attractions is highlighted during the visit of the Red Bull Cliff Diving championships. Taking place in the Serpent’s Lair or Worm Hole, brave divers take the plunge off a cliff into a natural rock pool over 27 metres below. It’s a truly spectacular sight, but just don’t try it yourself! This is for professionals only.


Pátrún (Festival of the Patron). Last weekend of June 2024

You might think of Pátrún as the Aran Islands Olympics, where people from all the islands gather on Inis Mor to compete against one another in a series of traditional games and contests. This festival has been celebrated for literally centuries, and the pride of clans and islands is at stake whether competing in tug-of-war, Galway Hooker Boat racing, or even sandcastle building competitions! People planning on visiting Inis Mor for Pátrún should definitely book their accommodation well in advance.


Nightly Traditional Irish Music

No trip to Inis Mor is complete without spending some time listening to traditional Irish music and joining in the party atmosphere! You can find traditional music being played most nights on Inis Mor, especially at The Bar, Tigh Joe Mac, and Tigh Joe Watty.


Halloween – October 31 2024


Aer Arann Islands Half Marathon 2024 April 12th-14th 2024

Aer Arann Islands Half Marathon 2024 April 12th-14th 2024 
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