The Wild Atlantic Way – 2500 kms of rugged beauty, hidden gems, ancient heritage, and amazing wildlife. The Irish West Coast is like nowhere else on earth, and you can explore it one day, weekend, or week at a time. Whether you want to complete the entire Wild Atlantic Way in an epic road trip, or get to know one area more intimately, staying at camping and glamping sites along the way adds a new dimension to the experience.

In some cases camping and glamping sites have become destinations in themselves due to the unique design of the glamping accommodation. They are also becoming extremely popular with families who want their kids to experience the Great Outdoors in a pleasant and enjoyable way. If you’ve never stayed at a Wild Atlantic Way glamping site before, why not try it this summer?

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Here’s 10 reasons why camping and glamping is the next big thing along the Wild Atlantic Way.

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1. Great for groups and families
For people who have large families or want to travel together in a group, camping and glamping is an ideal way to enjoy the Wild Atlantic Way. There is a sense of shared purpose and closeness, and also the chance of a BBQ or two! Finding B&B or hotel accommodation can sometimes be a real pain with groups of more than 4. With camping and glamping though, it is much easier. Take a look at Aran Camping and Glamping Aran Islands for more details.

2. Inexpensive
For families, camping and glamping is an inexpensive form of accommodation when traveling along the Wild Atlantic Way. Not only is the actual accommodation itself inexpensive, but the ability to cook your own meals rather than have to eat at restaurants all the time is a great money saver. Some sites have cooking facilities in the onsite glamping accommodation itself, whilst others have a shared kitchen that all campers can use. Having breakfast at the site and preparing lunch to go can greatly reduce the costs of a holiday.

3. Lots of high quality glamping sites
The promotion and marketing of the Wild Atlantic Way has encouraged the development of camping and glamping sites up and down the coast. New places have opened, and longer established places are upping their game. Everyone sees camping and glamping as the next big thing along the WAW, and so whether you are looking for glamping Kerry or glamping Donegal sites, there is something to fit the bill.

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4. Lots of open space
Enjoying the Wild Atlantic Way is all about getting outside, breathing in the fresh air, and getting back to nature. Your accommodation should be no different! Combine it all by staying at a camping and glamping site, and choose from staying in your own tent or specially designed glamping units that take the hassle out of camping!

5. Enjoy the outdoors
Whilst we are talking about lots of open space, we really want to emphasis the great outdoors and how incredible it is to wake up to it each and every morning surrounded by nature. By camping and glamping you are right there in it! Whether you want to get up early for a sunrise, witness a sunset, or see the stars at night, you will feel closer to the great outdoors that surrounds you.

6. Wildlife
Nature lovers love visiting the West Coast to see the abundance of wildlife such as seals, birds, and whales. It is all around, but when camping and glamping, Connemara is a place families should definitely take the kids. The area is beautiful with many coves and bays, and the Connemara National Park is home to a herd of Connemara ponies which they may be fortunate enough to see. There are also plenty of opportunities to ride Connemara ponies along the west coast.

7. Outdoor Activities
If you and your family enjoy outdoor activities, staying at a camping and glamping site along the Wild Atlantic Way is far better than staying in a B and B or hotel. You can easily bring all the outdoor gear and sports kit you want with you, such as bicycles, kayaks, rackets and balls. There is always plenty of space outside for the kids to play if they get bored, and lots of room to leave all the gear. Camping and Glamping is a good idea for active people who want to make the most of their time.

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8. Spend more time Exploring Inis Mor
You can spend longer on the islands by staying at Inis Mor Aran Islands camping and glamping. Galway and Connemara access is via the ferry from Rossaveal, and there is also a Doolin ferry. When at the site, you can spend more time on Inis Mor so you can enjoy the highlights such as Dun Aengus. the Worm Hole, and the Seal Colony. Don’t forget a meal or two at the local pubs as well!

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9. Get away from it all
Have you ever had that feeling that you just want to get away from it all? Sure, a holiday or weekend break helps, but not if you are stuck in a hotel in a busy town or city. A camping and glamping holiday is ideal for people who want to get away from the pressures of everyday life, and experience something a bit simpler for a while. Of course, there is no need to sacrifice on creature comforts when you go glamping! It provides the best of both worlds – Access to all mod-cons, but none of the noise and stress of built up areas.

10. Plenty of choice
Finally, there is plenty of choice. Whether you want to go glamping Killarney, glamping Doolin, or camping and glamping on the Aran islands, you can always find somewhere to stay all along the Wild Atlantic Way. Our recommendation? The Aran Islands of course! Beautiful, traditional, and welcoming. We hope to see you here very soon!



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