Irish Phrasebook

Irish or Gaelige is the national language of Ireland and is mostly spoken in Gaeltacht regions in the west of Ireland. The Aran Islands has always been known as a place in Ireland where students can learn and practice their Irish skills amongst the Irish-speaking people of Aran.

We’ve prepared this little phrasebook for you so you can practice your Irish during your stay.


Phrase Pronunciation


◉ Hello – Dia duit. //Jeeya Gwitch

◉ How are you? – Conas atá tú? //Kunas ataw too

◉ What’s the news? – Cén scéal? // Kayn Shkayl

◉ Welcome – Fáilte //Fawltcha

◉ Goodbye – Slán //Slawn

◉ Cheers – Sláinte (Literal meaning: health!) //Slawntcha

◉ Yes – Tá //Thaw

◉ No – Níl //Neel

◉ Please – Le do thoil. //Le Dough Hell

◉ Thank you – Go raibh maith agat //Go Raw Maw Ogat

◉ Do you speak Irish? – An bhfuil Gaeilge agat? // On Will Gayligga Ogat

◉ Fir – Men // Fur

◉ Mná – Women – yes, the big sign “MNÁ” on the lavatory door is not a mis-spelling of “MAN”, so beware! //Menaw

◉ Oscailte – Open // Us-callt-che

◉ Dúnta – Closed //Doon-ta

◉ Eolais – Information //Yo-lus

◉ Oifig Eolais – Tourist Information //Uffig Yo -Lus

◉ Oifig an Phoist – Post Office //Uffig an Fwisht

◉ Oíche mhaith! – Good night! //Ee-ha wah

◉ Siopa –Shop // Shyup-ah